Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kiddos in November.

Aurora painted a huge pumpkin at school for Halloween.  It's awesome but one of those things you have to take a picture of because you probably won't keep it around forever.
 photo IMG_3781 427x640_zpsauymkx61.jpg
She was star student (spotlighted during the week at school) and got a cool certificate and a free meal at a super yummy restaurant.  Of course we took her to eat there to celebrate!
 photo IMG_3784 427x640_zps0c5eabr8.jpg
 She insisted on taking this picture of some of her "friends" piled up on her bed before scripture reading one night.
 photo IMG_3788 640x427_zps8pxnwfcr.jpg
Selfie on my phone :)
 photo 20161120_171239 640x360_zpshveihvqu.jpg
Savannah was being silly with her hair!
 photo 20161104_151207 360x640_zpsufk59cff.jpg
"Hey, Mom!  Can you find me?"
  photo 20161104_151225 360x640_zpsgfjmkafa.jpg
This girl cracks me up!
 photo 20161104_151310 360x640_zpsrldxzrm9.jpg
 I was letting Talmage play with a container of his puffs one afternoon and of course he was able to pop the lid off :)  He had lots of fun playing in his mess!
 photo IMG_3731 427x640_zpstpk9lgsk.jpg
 photo IMG_3733 427x640_zpseknbn8xq.jpg
Rori jumped in to give him "bunny ears"
 photo IMG_3735 427x640_zpsfohbwtw8.jpg
The weather is getting chillier but it was warm enough one afternoon for us to go on a walk while we waited for Daddy to get home from work.  This was Talmage's first time riding in the red push car and he loved it!
 photo IMG_3739 427x640_zpsasgqxjfl.jpg
 photo IMG_3740 427x640_zpstobthxwa.jpg
Fun times on our walk!
 photo IMG_3743 640x427_zpsr95jvogf.jpg
Cutie girls!
 photo IMG_3744 427x640_zpseayvneim.jpg
Silly kids
 photo IMG_3745 640x427_zpsais3anws.jpg
Just for this year, Aurora is going to the same school as her cousin, Jessy.  Whenever possible, they walk home together on Friday's.  Savannah likes to join them if we catch up to them before they get to Jessy's house.  I love that they have this opportunity!
 photo 20161104_154401_HDR 640x360_zps8q2pyd4w.jpg
Sometimes we see wild turkeys near the school.  The girls love when we see the turkeys and were very concerned that these turkeys needed to be safe for Thanksgiving! :)
 photo 20161130_124118 640x360_zps2tgx10ux.jpg
We love to make chocolate covered popcorn at our house!  This was our Halloween/autumn version we made just after Halloween this year.
 photo IMG_3747 640x427_zpstg9tgrdi.jpg
It's always fun when we can take the chance to play the Wii together.  Talmage doesn't always get to join in on the fun but he did this time! He was playing on the floor while the rest of us played Wii.  He didn't mind though. And he's so cute I had to take a bunch of pictures of him :)
 photo IMG_3856 640x427_zpsohslaj0i.jpg
 photo IMG_3859 640x427_zpseeqwreid.jpg
 photo IMG_3860 640x427_zpsc5bomlgk.jpg
Our handsome boy!
 photo IMG_3861 640x427_zpseflawyhw.jpg
He was content on the floor for a little while before he insisted on holding a remote while snuggling with Mama ;)
 photo IMG_3867 640x427_zpspcuywwgf.jpg
Hanging out in the bean bag!
 photo IMG_3874 640x427_zpsieicgnqc.jpg
Did I mention that he's a great singer?  I love to hear his voice and all the noises he makes!
 photo IMG_3879 427x640_zpsddzxbg8i.jpg
It's definitely chilly some days but the kids still love to be outside when they get the chance.
 photo 20161123_155504 640x360_zpswyhe88ko.jpg
Silly kids in the back of Grandpa's truck.
 photo 20161123_161124 640x360_zpsuw5vuxig.jpg
He's just so adorable when he's sleeping that I can't resist taking pictures!  Especially when he has his awesome mustache binky in :)
 photo 20161129_152156 360x640_zps20ux7ohh.jpg
 With Christmas coming up we were able to go to the Mapleton tree lighting ceremony this year.  I'm glad I got this warm/cozy snowsuit for Talmage!
 photo IMG_4090 427x640_zpsatbzjqk9.jpg
Tal and Mommy all bundled up!
 photo IMG_4092 640x427_zpswim2hrny.jpg
Pretty lights!
 photo IMG_4094 640x427_zpsd1xfw6tw.jpg
 photo IMG_4097 427x640_zps7nlq1ptn.jpg
It started snowing pretty hard and the snow fall looked really cool in the lights :)
 photo IMG_4099 640x427_zpsrg4j4byn.jpg
The girls love to play under their beds and Talmage has learned how fun it is to join them! :)
 photo IMG_3848 640x427_zpsqccuvoyj.jpg
Silly little munchkins!
 photo IMG_3849 640x427_zpssj1foxso.jpg
Love that face!
 photo IMG_3853 427x640_zpsbgzfirrg.jpg
Boxes are always a big hit too.  Especially when there's enough for everyone!
 photo IMG_3798 640x427_zpszw4nd1gm.jpg
 photo IMG_3801 640x427_zps5djxgbdo.jpg
Happy November!

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