Friday, July 7, 2017

Blog Update - A call for help!

I just sat down to try and blog about January 2017.
Yes, I am that far behind.
Don't judge.
At least I'm still trying! :)

BUT I just hit a brick wall!!
The photo storage site I use to post my pictures ( now wants to charge me $40 a month for me to post my pictures on a 3rd party host site (a.k.a. my blog).  Oober frustrating!  I'm not willing to pay $40 a month to keep blogging.

I'm not very tech-y or up to date on the latest technology so if there's anyone out there who still reads our blog and has any suggestions on other sites that we could use, I'd really appreciate any tips that can be thrown my way. You can leave me a comment (comments are kept private until I approve them to be posted so if you leave your personal info for me to contact you, your info will be safe with me!) or if you have my email address/phone number, please contact me!

If I can't figure out another solution, this may be the end of blogging on Luckily Got Lucky.  It would be a major disappointment as this has been my main source of recording our family happenings and has been our family journal since 2007.

Super sad!

Friday, April 7, 2017

A letter to Nastassia.

Dearest Nastassia Grace,

Believe it or not, it has been 5 years since we found ourselves holding your tiny lifeless body in our hands.  We still wish every day that it had all turned out differently and that you were here with us blessing our lives with your sweet spirit.

I had a long letter planned out in my mind with lots of things to tell you but I think this song sums it all up in a more beautiful way than I could ever put into words.

Longing for you and missing you every single day.  Until heaven, baby girl!

Love, Mom

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Play-doh, Snow and New Years Eve!

The girls got new play-doh in their stockings this year.  They love to play with play-doh!
 photo IMG_4533 640x427_zpsfqvj3isi.jpg
Our Christmas cowgirl playing with play-doh.
 photo IMG_4534 427x640_zpsfemf0h1k.jpg
 photo IMG_4535 427x640_zpsuv5sq28e.jpg
 photo IMG_4536 427x640_zpsv27nvt58.jpg
Savy makes some great faces!
 photo IMG_4537 427x640_zpsutqctsop.jpg
Rori made some yummy ice cream creations!
 photo IMG_4542 427x640_zps3bti0ul1.jpg

I mentioned in my Christmas post that we got fresh snow for Christmas.
Here's some of our pretty snow!
 photo IMG_20161226_133035 640x480_zpsmm9kow72.jpg
 photo IMG_4544 640x427_zpshv2dvflg.jpg
Talmage wasn't feeling really great so he didn't get a chance to play in the snow but the girls loved it and definitely took advantage of the chance to play in that fluffy, cold, white stuff!
 photo IMG_4554 640x427_zpscxfioxjj.jpg
 photo IMG_4557 640x427_zpsmmjqwaaf.jpg
Snow tracks!
 photo IMG_4564 640x427_zpsegwsjaag.jpg
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
 photo IMG_4565 640x427_zpss5zktoaf.jpg
 photo IMG_4568 640x427_zpsnanp9kmt.jpg
Our little snow girl!
 photo IMG_4569 640x427_zps252eppla.jpg
Savannah making another snow angel.
 photo IMG_4573 640x427_zpsfxqvgjad.jpg
 photo IMG_4578 640x427_zpsrmh5znnd.jpg
This kid loves to eat snow!
 photo IMG_4575 640x427_zpsotmxckzm.jpg
 photo IMG_4576 640x427_zps4tgvddhf.jpg
Winter time is so much fun!

New Year's Eve
Also, tonight is New Year's Eve.  It's pretty low key.  Aurora fell asleep in the tub.  Scary!  And I won't post a picture because it's actually pretty creepy, although we did take a picture to document it.  We're so super glad she's okay!  Talmage went to bed at his normal bedtime and the girls both fell asleep on the couch watching the latest Ice Age movie.
 photo IMG_4587 640x427_zpsgnbckynz.jpg
 photo IMG_4589 640x427_zpsedtycfpp.jpg
Time to watch The Martian!
Bring on 2017 and lots of new adventures!
Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2016

The kidlets in December.

Aurora has been losing teeth like crazy.
 photo IMG_4101 640x427_zps0mkk2m9n.jpg
She thinks it's pretty awesome that the tooth fairy has been coming to visit so much.
 photo IMG_4103 427x640_zpssyuudmja.jpg
 I don't blame her.  The tooth fairy leaves some pretty cool coins!
 photo IMG_4104 427x640_zpsz5x6f6os.jpg
One afternoon she spent a long time racing cars back and forth across the floor in the basement.
 photo IMG_4281 640x427_zpshyxupupz.jpg
 Thanks to Nanny for giving the girls these cool cars a couple years ago!
 photo IMG_4283 640x427_zpslqa92qmh.jpg
And she does bunny ears on everything lately :)
 photo IMG_4284 640x427_zpsvune7dhj.jpg
 photo IMG_4287 640x427_zpsqyh9fgrj.jpg
Savannah wasn't feeling well so we had some snuggle time.  Daddy thought it deserved a picture.  Thanks, Daddy! :)
 photo IMG_4276 640x427_zpsghj2xk3b.jpg
 photo IMG_4279 640x427_zpsbbi1dyqp.jpg
 We went shoe shopping one day to find Aurora some new snow boots.  Savannah displayed how I generally feel about going shopping.
 photo 20161217_112343 640x360_zps0wvvovub.jpg
Then Daddy decided to join her after I commented how great it must be to be a kid and to lay down on the floor in the middle of shoe store when you feel like it. Haha!
 photo 20161217_112320 360x640_zps8coayztx.jpg
Cute kids snuggling on our bed in the morning :)
 photo 20161201_061037 360x640_zpsyf1fxdqd.jpg
Going for a ride on Aurora's giraffe pillow pet
 photo 20161202_072501 360x640_zpsagh6eqfq.jpg
Then Savannah joined the fun with her zebra pillow pet
 photo 20161202_072546 640x360_zps1om9v1ml.jpg
 Aurora finally lost both front teeth on the top and is truly singing "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" all the time now.
 photo 20161202_122858 360x640_zpsbvquwex0.jpg
Silly girl :)
 photo 20161202_122905 360x640_zpsvndmrhtj.jpg
Savy wanted in on the photo shoot too.
 photo 20161202_122912 640x360_zpstfojxpj6.jpg
Cutie pie!
 photo 20161202_122921 360x640_zpsyr0cuhum.jpg
Happy girls!
 photo 20161202_122942 640x360_zpspdpfwejh.jpg
Where'd Savy go?  She's such a funny kid :)
 photo 20161202_122949 360x640_zpsbaimtjzk.jpg
Love these cute kiddos!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning is always so magical!  This year was extra special because we woke up to lots of fresh Christmas snow (the best kind!), and Christmas day fell on a Sunday this year.  Most of our church meetings were cancelled but we had a special Sacrament meeting and Christmas program.

We had a few hours in the morning (especially because the kids woke up so early!) before we had to take a break to get ready for church.  We planned to open presents when Uncle Ryan came over and the girls were very patient in waiting to open presents while we waited for him to come.  In the meantime, Daddy shoveled the sidewalks and cleaned off the car and the kids were able to go through their stockings.
 photo IMG_4378 640x427_zpscsvskbah.jpg
 photo IMG_4379 640x427_zpsq2ia2qsh.jpg
 photo IMG_4383 427x640_zpsbpfv21jh.jpg
Checking out their stockings and finding their presents.
 photo IMG_4393 640x427_zpselnldubo.jpg
They even had gifts out on the porch!  Grandma and Grandpa brought them horses from their mission at Bluff Fort, UT!
 photo IMG_4394 640x427_zpsi8q7gmxv.jpg
 photo IMG_4407 640x427_zpsvsx4483p.jpg
Saying good morning to Grandpa upstairs :)
 photo IMG_4395 640x427_zpsg8f38ggg.jpg
Santa gave us all a luma light in our stockings.  They were a big hit with the girls.
 photo IMG_4396 640x427_zpslas7fqf5.jpg
Talmage got some great stuff in his stocking too!
 photo IMG_4398 640x427_zpsw9cdz46f.jpg
Santa also gave us a couple of wrapped gifts inside our stockings that the girls got to open while waiting for Uncle Ryan to come.
 photo IMG_4400 640x427_zps4ezxkxwn.jpg
Rio 2 soundtrack!
 photo IMG_4401 640x427_zpse7eapr7a.jpg
Eating candy inside the wrapper is a no-no ;)
 photo IMG_4402 640x427_zpsnyvjnhzi.jpg
This kid has the greatest facial expressions!  Happy first Christmas, Talmage! :)
 photo IMG_4403 640x427_zpskpsuoiuh.jpg
Good morning to Grandma and Grandpa!
 photo IMG_4404 640x427_zpshlhliyef.jpg
Savannah got the Christmas Beauty and the Beast movie in her stocking!
 photo IMG_4405 640x427_zpsd149cnyq.jpg
The girls got new bedsets from Mom and Dad.
 photo IMG_4411 427x640_zpsngcazgux.jpg
 photo IMG_4414 427x640_zps6khdx2dr.jpg
 photo IMG_4415 427x640_zpsmfbiqbar.jpg
Checking out their new blankets!
 photo IMG_4420 640x427_zpsfrdgtgva.jpg
When Savannah was helping me wrap presents a couple of days earlier, she wrapped up a paper clip which she was excited to open and show Daddy on Christmas morning :)  Silly kid!
 photo IMG_4417 427x640_zps1eej6jtq.jpg
Savannah's Christmas paper clip :)
 photo IMG_4418 427x640_zps5usckbcv.jpg
Talmage thoroughly enjoyed the contents of his stocking!
 photo IMG_4419 640x427_zps4x0ruavg.jpg
He also loved the beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons!
 photo IMG_4421 640x427_zpsezgxwrqk.jpg
The girls were very willing to help Talmage open his presents.  He needed a little bit of help :)
 photo IMG_4423 640x427_zpsawuiyqnh.jpg
A new toy for his car seat!
 photo IMG_4424 640x427_zpspydmkvdz.jpg
Opening their gifts from Uncle Ryan.  He always wraps their gifts so beautifully!
 photo IMG_4427 640x427_zpsbd1mxfgg.jpg
He gave them each a set of dinosaur claws! So fun! :)
 photo IMG_4429 427x640_zpssihnnr9o.jpg
 photo IMG_4430 427x640_zpshcepqdpv.jpg
Talmage and Grandpa :)
 photo IMG_4434 640x427_zpslfaln0ke.jpg
We take turns opening our gifts.  The kids are really great to wait for their next turn.
 photo IMG_4435 640x427_zpsdre2uwlh.jpg
Me and my Savy-girl!
 photo IMG_4437 427x640_zps6lxfoypd.jpg
Talmage got the ribbon stuck on his leg :)
 photo IMG_4441 640x427_zpsjvpo0jz6.jpg
 photo IMG_4442 640x427_zpsdupk11il.jpg
Talmage got a giggle-ball from Santa
 photo IMG_4465 640x427_zpsehy8ypwi.jpg
When we went to visit Santa at the mall, Savannah asked him for a stuffed giraffe.  He brought her a super special purple one because he must know that purple is her favorite color!  Thanks, Santa!
 photo IMG_4449 427x640_zpsg1xehwuu.jpg
He also brought Savannah the princess castle she's been asking for.  Lucky girl!
 photo IMG_4467 427x640_zpsjzwwnjw2.jpg
And Santa brought Aurora a super snuggly zebra that she wanted, along with a Dr. Seuss book!
 photo IMG_4450 427x640_zpsuvqvj2fl.jpg
Savannah got a new horse to play with--Rapunzel's horse, Maximus!
 photo IMG_4451 640x427_zpsz6rxuvyt.jpg
Very excited!
 photo IMG_4452 427x640_zpsa2hnzagf.jpg
Happy girl!
 photo IMG_4453 427x640_zps1rdztczv.jpg
She also got a Flynn Ryder barbie doll from Aunt Georgiana.
 photo IMG_4456 427x640_zpsvyovlcrg.jpg
 photo IMG_4459 427x640_zpsessyiuyw.jpg
Aunt Georgiana sent Aurora a Prince Phillip barbie doll.  How fitting! ;)
 photo IMG_4462 427x640_zpsgymsarll.jpg
Along with the horses they got from Grandma and Grandpa, they also got some really awesome cowgirl outfits!  Grandma hand-made their vests, and they're reversible!
 photo IMG_4455 427x640_zpsebymwlmy.jpg
 photo IMG_4469 427x640_zpsykzfnyrp.jpg
Grandma and Grandpa gave Talmage a horse too!  His rocks and sings.  He loves it!
 photo IMG_4470 640x427_zpsgw3ek2fz.jpg
After taking some time to open and enjoy our new gifts, we got everyone ready and headed to church.  Our kids looked so nice in their Christmas outfits!
 photo IMG_4473 640x427_zpstitkrhro.jpg
Tal's expression cracks me up every time!
 photo IMG_4476 640x427_zpsjtxt8ebx.jpg
Silly Savannah in her beautiful purple Christmas dress! :)
 photo IMG_4481 427x640_zpskd3h7frn.jpg
 photo IMG_4484 427x640_zpsuejdnmqi.jpg
Aurora looked so beautiful in her Christmas dress too!
 photo IMG_4488 427x640_zpshi5gzjho.jpg
Silly girl!
 photo IMG_4490 427x640_zps2x9jq57z.jpg
Our handsome boy on his first Christmas!
I love the tie Santa brought in his stocking.
 photo IMG_4494 427x640_zpsfnmpoe0s.jpg
Goofy kid!
 photo IMG_4495 427x640_zpssxi9ycih.jpg
After church the girls changed into their cowgirl outfits from Grandma and Grandpa.
 photo IMG_4500 427x640_zps8nl0tcrf.jpg
So much fun!
 photo IMG_4503 427x640_zpsknsieqcw.jpg
Our purple cowgirl on her new horsey!
 photo IMG_4510 640x427_zps0dh0co0c.jpg
And our pink cowgirl on her new horsey too!
 photo IMG_4514 640x427_zpsjwauq2a9.jpg
Love it.
 photo IMG_4516 427x640_zpsfjkoll5g.jpg
We drove up north to spend the rest of Christmas day with my family.  We didn't take very many pictures but we got a couple of all the cousins together.  We missed our family who couldn't be there!
 photo IMG_4522 640x427_zpsm3uqecqy.jpg
 photo IMG_4524 640x427_zpspeacr972.jpg
Opening gifts for our family gift exchange.
 photo IMG_4526 640x427_zpsuuyqvcjy.jpg
New barbies!
 photo IMG_4528 640x427_zpsu67igrtb.jpg
 photo IMG_4529 640x427_zpsi7hsfbhx.jpg
And the classic animated version of the Grinch!
 photo IMG_4532 640x427_zpsmkulc4n4.jpg
It was such a great Christmas and we were so lucky to see most of our family on Christmas day this year.  We are so blessed to live so close to so many of our family members!

We're always so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our lives are so blessed because of His birth, life and sacrifice for each and every one of us.

Merry Christmas to us all!