Sunday, November 13, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays.  I love the fun part of Halloween, not the scary part.
A couple of weeks before Halloween we took some teaser pictures.  The girls were too excited to wait to try on all of their costumes once I showed them Talmage's cute spider costume.  The kids had a bug/insect theme going on this year.  It was fun!
 photo IMG_3340 640x427_zpsuexnxjmw.jpg
 photo 20161006_083711 640x360_zps9wmycsx3.jpg
My family came down the day before Halloween to see Aurora in our ward primary program (and our family sang 1 verse of a song together in the program too.  That was a fun surprise for my parents because I didn't tell them were were going to be singing).  We decided to do our fun/spooky Halloween dinner with them when they came down. We ate mummy-dogs and all kinds of fun foods!
I made Witches Brew to drink.
It can be a little creepy for some kids, but it's totally fun and completely delicious!
 photo IMG_3647 427x640_zpsam4xvnn5.jpg
I tried to go the healthy route on some of it so we had these cute little pumpkins.  They were fun and easy to make!
 photo IMG_3651 640x427_zpsrqbjkxjn.jpg
For dessert we had dirt cake trifle.  Yummy!
Other foods on the menu not pictured: frog eye salad and deviled eggs.  Yummy lunch!
 photo IMG_3655 640x427_zpsy5jqtnco.jpg
Our beautiful monarch butterfly and adorable ladybug on Halloween day!
(If you remember from our posts about our trip to Denver this summer, the girls got these fun wings from the Butterfly Pavilion.)
 photo IMG_3657 640x427_zps5uhosyah.jpg
Modeling their wings :)
 photo IMG_3658 640x427_zpssyi1wctp.jpg
 photo IMG_3662 640x427_zpsnugifawp.jpg
Warm hugs!
 photo IMG_3663 427x640_zps4wlrtoww.jpg
Aurora had a blast at school.  They had a fun Halloween party and she came home with lots of yummy treats!
 photo IMG_3664 427x640_zpsuq518soe.jpg
Halloween night we took more pictures of the kids before we headed to our ward party. I loved the girls costumes and I thought Talmage made the cutest little purple spider :)
 photo IMG_3672 640x427_zpsdw1vwiln.jpg
Cute kids!  And don't you love Talmage's dimples?!
 photo IMG_3678 640x427_zpsspo2s9hq.jpg
Our cute little spider on his first Halloween!
 photo IMG_3681 640x427_zps93fwu90n.jpg
I hope he doesn't hate me one day for putting him in a purple spider costumer, but I thought he was pretty darn cute in it! :)
 photo IMG_3683 427x640_zpsi6wraawi.jpg
Little lady bug, Savannah!
 photo IMG_3687 427x640_zpsuyhjcjn2.jpg
 photo IMG_3689 427x640_zpsml6m9n6d.jpg
 photo IMG_3694 640x427_zpssbnz4bzk.jpg
Beautiful monarch butterfly, Aurora!
 photo IMG_3696 640x427_zpslssetxud.jpg
 photo IMG_3698 427x640_zpsvhb1lb9l.jpg
Our ward had a chili cook-off and trunk-or-treat in the street of one of the neighborhoods in our ward boundaries.  It was pretty fun!
 photo IMG_3700 640x427_zpsaskse7nm.jpg
 photo IMG_3702 640x427_zpspu4jq5he.jpg
Dar and I went as pirates this year :)
 photo IMG_3705 427x640_zpscpzrcgey.jpg
 photo IMG_3706 427x640_zpsgjzszkfl.jpg
 photo IMG_3707 640x427_zpspdrbexje.jpg
 photo IMG_3710 427x640_zpsqqik0pdj.jpg
Now, that is one spider I could just gobble up! ;)
 photo IMG_3711 427x640_zpsyrkfawqi.jpg
And he wanted to gobble up that Milky Way in his hands :)
 photo IMG_3712 427x640_zpsjqh6puzc.jpg
After our ward party, our first stop was to meet up with our Aussies as is our Halloween tradition--to go trick-or-treating with them.
 photo IMG_3713 640x427_zpsydnwmfmv.jpg
It was pretty warm outside until the sun went down.  Once it started to get chilly I bundled up our little spider :)
 photo IMG_3715 640x427_zpsgx3xqami.jpg
Aurora had a blast!
 photo IMG_3717 640x427_zps2q7lyl7i.jpg
Lucky for me, Aurora can't eat peanuts and Savannah doesn't like them so I got to eat up all the candy with peanuts in it.  Sweet deal for me! :)
 photo IMG_3718 640x427_zpstdqhd1j8.jpg
Mr. P/ninja
 photo IMG_3719 640x427_zps8kotadbk.jpg
Second round of trick-or-treating at Grandma Trease and Bob's house (Tracee's parents)
 photo IMG_3721 640x427_zpssqqkkyqe.jpg
Our family on Halloween!
 photo IMG_3727 640x427_zpstprjp2ls.jpg
 photo IMG_3730 640x427_zpsvtrh3prs.jpg
It was such a great night!
Happy Halloween, everyone!
And happy first Halloween, Talmage!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Family Photos

I love autumn time and with Talmage being slightly older than 6 months, I thought it would be a great time to get family pictures taken again.  My good friend and co-worker, Emily, takes our family pictures for us.  She always does such a great job and she's so great with our kids!  I love how the pictures turned out!

As a side note: I have a friend who lost a baby in utero like we did. I noticed that when they get their family pictures done they use their little girl's teddy bear to represent her and I love that idea!  I'm so glad we remembered to bring Nastassia's bunny this time.  This is the bunny that was given to us from our doctor right after we delivered Nastassia.  It was a really hard time for us, obviously, and that tiny little bunny means a lot to us.  So, when you see the little tan bunny in our family pictures now you'll know that it represents our sweet angel baby, Nastassia!

 Enjoy! :)

 photo DSC_8549 640x427_zpsz9saip7e.jpg
Love the beautiful scenery in the background!
 photo DSC_8554 640x427_zpscz4pqj2y.jpg
 photo DSC_8562 427x640_zpsopevzhuf.jpg
 photo DSC_8586 640x427_zpsm08dv9ra.jpg
 photo DSC_8621 640x427_zpsrolmpnad.jpg
Silly faces!
 photo DSC_8624 640x427_zpsodmdzh1t.jpg
 photo DSC_8649 427x640_zpseov4xqap.jpg
 photo DSC_8654 424x640_zpsmqx2bre4.jpg
Our handsome Talmage!
 photo DSC_8654 424x640_zpsmqx2bre4.jpg
Don't you just love his baby blue eyes?!
 photo DSC_8688 424x640_zpsy0qj24gw.jpg
And those adorable teeth? ;)
 photo DSC_8694 427x640_zpsosodhprg.jpg
Me and my sweet little man!
 photo DSC_8695 424x640_zpshably6m9.jpg
 photo DSC_8704 424x640_zpstbnz4yl6.jpg
With both of my handsome guys!
 photo DSC_8713 424x640_zpsgb6eykma.jpg
Our happy boy!
 photo DSC_8721 424x640_zpsp90qauoe.jpg
Miss Aurora :)
 photo DSC_8724 427x640_zps7xzz4ltt.jpg
 photo DSC_8728 424x640_zpsimayogq8.jpg
 photo DSC_8737 424x640_zps9fuulmdr.jpg
She's growing up too fast!
 photo DSC_8830 427x640_zpstnlky3en.jpg
 photo DSC_8836 427x640_zpsk9xtajxb.jpg
Sweet Savannah :)
 photo DSC_8738 427x640_zpsupvb30l1.jpg
 photo DSC_8752 424x640_zpsfa5y3sni.jpg
 photo DSC_8754 424x640_zpsjykfyktr.jpg
 photo DSC_8767 424x640_zpspotdivbh.jpg
Emily has to get a picture of Savannah winking every time she takes our pictures now.  Love it!
 photo DSC_8775 427x640_zpsrvi8dyok.jpg
I love that beautiful smile!
 photo DSC_8876 427x640_zpsdnff8vz7.jpg
Me and my eternal lovey!
 photo DSC_8792 424x640_zpsmka8rlbo.jpg
Our adorable kiddos!
 photo DSC_8798 640x424_zpsnw6gqaag.jpg
Talmage refused to keep his shoes on :)
 photo DSC_8814 640x427_zpsvtt8hfep.jpg
Some pictures by the water.
 photo DSC_8890 424x640_zpsu5pevl1j.jpg
 photo DSC_8916 427x640_zpswdloylzr.jpg
Happy boy with his daddy!
 photo DSC_8926 427x640_zpsde7f6qhb.jpg
They like to show off sometimes ;)
 photo DSC_8932 427x640_zpsi9vajoq4.jpg
 photo DSC_8939 427x640_zpsmrqwzzhg.jpg
 photo DSC_8944 427x640_zpsrezrlpco.jpg
 photo DSC_8946 427x640_zpsop0jsyzz.jpg
Me and my girls!
 photo DSC_8958 427x640_zpsblrsveid.jpg
And we'll end it with some super silly faces :P
 photo DSC_8968 424x640_zpsmdbgvejj.jpg
Thanks again, Emily! I think you've become our official family photographer! :)