Friday, July 7, 2017

Blog Update - A call for help!

I just sat down to try and blog about January 2017.
Yes, I am that far behind.
Don't judge.
At least I'm still trying! :)

BUT I just hit a brick wall!!
The photo storage site I use to post my pictures ( now wants to charge me $40 a month for me to post my pictures on a 3rd party host site (a.k.a. my blog).  Oober frustrating!  I'm not willing to pay $40 a month to keep blogging.

I'm not very tech-y or up to date on the latest technology so if there's anyone out there who still reads our blog and has any suggestions on other sites that we could use, I'd really appreciate any tips that can be thrown my way. You can leave me a comment (comments are kept private until I approve them to be posted so if you leave your personal info for me to contact you, your info will be safe with me!) or if you have my email address/phone number, please contact me!

If I can't figure out another solution, this may be the end of blogging on Luckily Got Lucky.  It would be a major disappointment as this has been my main source of recording our family happenings and has been our family journal since 2007.

Super sad!

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