Saturday, December 31, 2016

Play-doh, Snow and New Years Eve!

The girls got new play-doh in their stockings this year.  They love to play with play-doh!
 photo IMG_4533 640x427_zpsfqvj3isi.jpg
Our Christmas cowgirl playing with play-doh.
 photo IMG_4534 427x640_zpsfemf0h1k.jpg
 photo IMG_4535 427x640_zpsuv5sq28e.jpg
 photo IMG_4536 427x640_zpsv27nvt58.jpg
Savy makes some great faces!
 photo IMG_4537 427x640_zpsutqctsop.jpg
Rori made some yummy ice cream creations!
 photo IMG_4542 427x640_zps3bti0ul1.jpg

I mentioned in my Christmas post that we got fresh snow for Christmas.
Here's some of our pretty snow!
 photo IMG_20161226_133035 640x480_zpsmm9kow72.jpg
 photo IMG_4544 640x427_zpshv2dvflg.jpg
Talmage wasn't feeling really great so he didn't get a chance to play in the snow but the girls loved it and definitely took advantage of the chance to play in that fluffy, cold, white stuff!
 photo IMG_4554 640x427_zpscxfioxjj.jpg
 photo IMG_4557 640x427_zpsmmjqwaaf.jpg
Snow tracks!
 photo IMG_4564 640x427_zpsegwsjaag.jpg
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
 photo IMG_4565 640x427_zpss5zktoaf.jpg
 photo IMG_4568 640x427_zpsnanp9kmt.jpg
Our little snow girl!
 photo IMG_4569 640x427_zps252eppla.jpg
Savannah making another snow angel.
 photo IMG_4573 640x427_zpsfxqvgjad.jpg
 photo IMG_4578 640x427_zpsrmh5znnd.jpg
This kid loves to eat snow!
 photo IMG_4575 640x427_zpsotmxckzm.jpg
 photo IMG_4576 640x427_zps4tgvddhf.jpg
Winter time is so much fun!

New Year's Eve
Also, tonight is New Year's Eve.  It's pretty low key.  Aurora fell asleep in the tub.  Scary!  And I won't post a picture because it's actually pretty creepy, although we did take a picture to document it.  We're so super glad she's okay!  Talmage went to bed at his normal bedtime and the girls both fell asleep on the couch watching the latest Ice Age movie.
 photo IMG_4587 640x427_zpsgnbckynz.jpg
 photo IMG_4589 640x427_zpsedtycfpp.jpg
Time to watch The Martian!
Bring on 2017 and lots of new adventures!
Happy New Year!

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